It is a futile effort to try to please everybody. Everyone will have his/her opinions and experiences that will affect how each person deals with everyday life. Cynics are those who are distrustful of humanity. They do not believe in the concept of altruism and for them, at the end of the day, humans will almost always uphold his/her self interests. Cynics commonly believe that motivational speakers only do what they do because of money, claim to fame or for some hidden agenda.

Motivational Speakers

They also have a tendency to frown upon positive emotions. Skeptics, on the other hand, question the truth upon everything especially those facts that are commonly accepted. Most of these people could have spent a great time reading or are experts on their own respective field. Both types of audience members present a challenge to motivational speakers. Here are ways in which you can deal with them without losing your cool:

Be open and understand them.

If your enemy is using fire, do not try to fight him/her with fire or both of you will end up destroying each other. If a cynic or skeptic tries to ask question or to voice out his/her opinions, be open and listen to what the person has to say. Understand that sometimes, people (particularly cynics) have bad experiences that led them to adopt a negative approach to life and speaking up and challenging you is a way to voice out their frustrations. Being fortunate to be blessed with positivity, you must be open and you should try to find a common ground between the person’s ideals and your beliefs.


This might sound as counter intuitive, but this is true. Welcoming intrusions and questions is the more positive way of doing things. Instead of trying to block whatever is a cynic or skeptic is trying to say, demonstrate a genuine interest on the other person’s view, and treat it as an opportunity to reflect on your belief systems and to grow. Being welcoming to other ideas works well with skeptics as these people think they know more (and most of the time they are!) so they have a tendency to feel as if they need to be respected and listened to. Aspiring motivational speakers should remember that life is not about proving others wrong or proving that they are right. Life is about living and practicing your beliefs the best way you can.


This applies more for the skeptics. You should always discuss both the positive and negative sides of your material. If there are scientific studies that support your methods, it is wise to also present some studies that say otherwise. In this way, a skeptic would know that you are not entirely unschooled and you do not just prefer studying materials that would support your beliefs. Losing to a skeptic might lead to losing the whole audience especially if the skeptic is a known expert. Mastery of your material is key!


Doing this beforehand will allow you to identify the skeptics and cynics in the room. You are not doing this to single them out and kick them out of the room! You are doing this so that you can anticipate their issues and later questions. Skilled motivational speakers can easily adapt the way they discuss their materials such that they can deter debates regarding the issues listed by skeptics and cynics.

motivational-speakingENGAGE THE AUDIENCE

This will work more for the cynic. When a cynic asks a provocative question, they may sound as if they are trying to lure you into a debate. Do not fall for that. Instead, engage the audience by asking questions likes: “Who among you shares the same sentiment?” or “If you are in his/her situation, what would you do?”


This is obviously applies on company workshops and seminars. Requesting for the presence of a higher-up may temper heckling tendencies of some audience members. This is not a guarantee but this may help prevent any disruptive behavior.

The top motivational speakers should remember to objectify the comments, criticisms or some times even the heckling tendencies of skeptics and cynics. Most of the time, skeptics and cynics hold nothing personal against you and your work in general. Acknowledge the fact that they may just know something that you do not know or they may have just experienced something that you have not experienced. In case of the former, knowing your topic or material well and preparing for any negative comments is key.

Put your Best Foot Forward – Tips On Buying your Golf Shoes

Golf ShoesEvery golf enthusiast definitely knows that having great golf shoes is an integral part of the game. These footing gears make a huge difference when it comes to swinging a great drive or a poor drive.

Playing golf without proper golf shoes is like setting foot on the green without your putter. Truth is wearing proper golf apparel from head to foot creates an impact on how much you enjoy the game. The fact that there are varieties of golfer shoes out in the market makes it really challenging to choose what fits best.

Before getting a pair of shoes intended only for your golf games, there are a number of questions you have to ask yourself first.

How much golf do I play?

This is definitely the first thing that you should ask yourself. This is because an average golfer walks several miles on the golf course, which means that wearing shoes that provide support must be your top priority. While you may also consider economical shoes for this sport, it is recommended that the shoes you get give you both affordability and support. You must really invest in a pair of shoes that would not wear out easily. You surely don’t want to have the soles of your shoes detached while in the middle of your game, right? After all, there are branded shoes you can get for a fraction of a cost during clearance sales and promos.

Now, even if you are a beginner, it is not right to think that you can wear whatever type of shoes when playing golf. In fact, being a beginner, you must pay close attention to the proper apparel to wear because it certainly creates an impact on how much you will be loving golf in the first place. Wearing the right kind of shoes for this particular game provides better grip and balance when you swing. Because your feet get proper support and comfort, your stance is maintained all throughout the game.

Here are some tips to remember when you go shopping for golf shoes:

  • Wear the same thickness of socks that you will wear during your golf sessions when you are in the store trying out some golfer shoes.
  • Try on different shoes and different brands until you find a really comfortable pair.
  • Make sure that your feet don’t glide or slide inside the shoes because chances of it getting sore during a 9-hole game are really high.
  • Cleated ShoesConsider the kind of spikes you want your shoes to have. Nowadays, soft spikes or golfer shoes are more preferred than metal spikes as the latter have been banned because it could rip up the course and are observed bad for the golf carts and the golf club walkways in general. Great thing there is no evident difference between metal spikes and soft spikes, so you won’t have to worry about going for the soft spikes in lieu of the former.
  • Only go for high-quality shoes that you can afford. No matter how much you love a pricey branded pair of golfer shoes, you should not sacrifice your finances just to get it. There are cheaper yet high-quality shoes for you without ripping your wallet off.
  • As a beginner, you may also want to consider purchasing shoes online. Not only will this be convenient on your end, but you can also find slightly used ones at a really affordable price.

Purchasing high-quality yet affordable golf shoes can really be breezy. Everything you need to know about golf shoes, you can find answers online.

4 Steps To Building A Good Blog – SEO At The Helm of Internet Marketing

Millions of people today want to start a blog, but aren’t sure where to get started. If you are serious about building a site that is blog based, you don’t have to be a technical wizard.All you need to do is have an idea and start working on it.


If you have a good idea in mind and you are going to move forward with a free solution or even a hosted option through a web host, you’re going to want to take eon a few steps that will help you build an audience and take on the blogging world with ease.

It may sound simple, but the following is part of a complex solution that is called search engine optimization. Of course, you could work within the parameters of DIY at first glance, but just remember, this is something that should be done over time, instead of just within the parameters of one arena.

The more you work on this, the higher the chances are that your site will succeed. No matter what type of blog you set up, consider the following steps towards building a good blog with internet marketing at the crest.

No matter what you’re going to be publishing, the name that you decide to use will help you get a lot of attention. It’s imperative that you do not just focus on your personal name or anything like that.

Focus on something that is bigger than that, and focus on keywords. If you are working with keywords, make sure that you are to the point and within the top draws within the niche.

If you must, add a hyphen to a keywords that is going to deliver on the premise that you are looking to rank for. You don’t need to rank #1 for this, you just have to be hyper relevant. If you do this right, you’re going to end up getting a huge jump on the competition over time.


Remember, the name that you choose is going to proliferate the internet through SEO down the line, so don’t rush this matter.
The next major step that you have to take is in regards to the

content that you’re producing. Make sure that you look at building content that is not only strategic in the way that you are pushing your ideas but that also has a lot of optimization in place.

That means that you will want to write according to your expertise and what the audience you want to push forward has. If you put in the right elements, you’re going to end up with a positive solution moving forward.

Do not skimp on the writing, because it’s easy to end up getting pushed forward within the world of writing and end up with lackluster results.

In order to write SEO minded content, look at some of the top sites that are in your niche and emulate their approach. Chances are that if you emulate them, you will start on the right foot. If you’re not sure how to do this, don’t worry, you could hire a good article writer to start building this up for you.

Publish Content Often

Do not allow yourself to set up a blog and then drop out of the reach of your page. Start posting immediately and then set up a schedule so that you are posting often.

If you let your site die or become dormant, you’re going to end up losing out on the future of the site’s overall influence. You have to publish content on a regular basis and focus on building elements that are going to help you gain leverage over time.

If you can’t post all the time, then hire someone to manage your content. You may find that there are some good SEO firms that will not only publish content offsite, but will take your blog and start managing the updates on a regular basis.

SEO system

The goal here is to make sure that your site always has new updates, information and more. Even if you only post things that are 300 words in length, you will find that this option is far better than most other options online.

It’s a good thing to traverse, so don’t limit yourself to just one arena or area of online marketing. Focus on building a good deal of content and publish it often enough.

One thing that you will definitely want to work within is social media. Add buttons and links to your site that encourages people to share what you’re posting and you will see a good push forward.

The more you can encourage others to share what you’re working on, the better off your marketing collateral is going to be. Always focus on this and build on the right elements moving forward, it will pay off dividends, guaranteed. Just focus on building this part up over time, and you’ll see a nice push.

Make the Most of Your Social Media Link Building Strategy with these Tips

Social media plays several roles in online marketing, and its connection to SEO made it more significant. Such huge importance only makes it a must for businessmen to allocate time and effort in this field of online marketing. The problem is, not many have an idea how. So, here’s a hint for you: create engaging and helpful content, and place them in front of the right people.

Doing this guarantees getting new backlinks. But, your task does not end there. You need to make yourself an authority first before you can get the results you are after. In link building, that’s the first thing you need achieve if you want to take advantage of your social profiles. Yes, social media is already powerful enough. But if your social profile is not considered an authority, getting backlinks to your site would be a hard task.

So, How can You Make Your Social Profiles an Authority?

Social ProfilesThe simplest thing you can do is to improve your social profiles. Don’t just include your company information. Instead, apply the same practices you use when creating high-quality content and integrate relevant keywords throughout naturally. Don’t forget to include a link on all posts you make and share to increase engagement and brand awareness. Follow these tips as well for greater benefits:

•Facebook – Make full use of the space on Facebook by completing fields for short description, general information, company overview and the rest. While doing so, ensure to stay on point and use relevant and valuable keywords.

•Twitter – Put links on your profile’s Web and Bio field to get more links to your sites.

•LinkedIn – Choose the three top links you want to put on your LinkedIn profile and customize your anchor text well to entice visitors to click on them.

•Google Plus – It is a must to creating a profile in this platform since is now a big player in SEO. Also, don’t forget to enable the Author Rank feature.

The Key is to Create and Share Engaging Content

Your content will serve as an important key for your link building efforts. It promotes engagement while also further boosting your SEO efforts. But these two are only met if you create useful content that engages your audience. So, before starting with the creation process, think about the topic that your audience would most appreciate at the moment.

Once you’re satisfied with your content, begin sharing it on social media platforms. Post your content on your own network as well and share them via newsletters, newsletters, and relevant forums, for greater results.

Engage in Guest Blogging

If you want to boost your link building efforts, you need to consider walking on all avenues. Perhaps, you have accomplished sharing your content on your own network and on social media platforms. Now, you should allocate your time and effort on guest blogging to earn more links and traffic.

Guest BloggingOverall, your authority and the usefulness of your content is what matters most here. These two are also the ones you need to take care of to make the most from your social media link building strategy. However, other than establishing your social profiles’ authority, it is also vital to keep your content consistent. You need to post similar content throughout all available social media platforms.

Of course, to boost your authority on social media platforms, you need to participate regularly in them as well. Your participation in relevant social media activities is essential for two reasons: to build relationships and your brand’s authenticity. So, start commenting on posts and replying on those you have shared! Here’s one last tip – be sure to keep your social profiles updated all the time.

Top Signs Your SEO Company Is Hurting You Instead of Helping

You need proper search engine optimization so that you can improve the visibility of your business website. While hiring the services of an SEO company generally helps increase page rank, there are times when this firm hurts you instead.

Here are top signs that the company you have hired is just hurting you instead of helping.

First, the SEO agency has nothing to show you. This does not just refer to the rise in page ranking. What this refers to is the actual practices related to search engine optimization that this agency is doing. Examples of what these companies should show include SEO audit, content optimization, and link profile analysis.

If the said agency does not ask anything of you, then that is a sure sign that they cannot do anything to help you. The company cannot do anything good without your cooperation, after all. Site owners will be generally asked to provide admin access to CMS and Google Analytics, access to social accounts and Google Webmaster Tools, and so on.

SEOIt is also a negative sign if the said SEO agency does not have any suggestions for improvement to give you. You can assume that the said agency is up to something potential harmfully (or nothing at all) when there are no suggestions from them regarding how to improve your site. Only disreputable agencies do not ask for your cooperation.

If an SEO firm is unable to share their techniques, then you should stay away from them. You can say that companies saying their efforts must remain confidential or their practices must not be disclosed are potential fronts for fraud. If you ask a reliable agency, you should be able to receive a detailed answer of what they do for you.

It is your right to be suspicious if you receive a manual penalty too. This is actually one of the worst things you can experience when running a website. You will know if there is a manual penalty for your website if you receive an email message or GWT notification about it. While it may not be the firm’s fault that you’ve received the penalty, there is a big chance that it is. So, you better stay on your toes.

Every site owner knows that the capabilities of the hired SEO firm are not the only reason for having the site’s rankings drop. There are several reasons for that. However, you can assume that your hired company is the one at fault if you can see your rankings drop steadily after hiring them for the job.

You must be aware of your traffic as well. Just like drops in rankings, if there is a sudden drop in traffic, then you have to be wary of your hired search optimization firm. It may not be entirely their fault so it would be good to ask them questions. Find out whether they could give you insights that point to the actual issue.

Another sign that your chosen optimization firm is just hurting you is when you start ranking for the working keywords. As a site owner, you already have your keywords. If the organic keywords you have change significantly, you might be gaining organic traffic using the wrong keywords.

Pay attention to your link profile. This is because you have to keep it free of any suspicious linkbacks. If there are suspicious linkbacks on the site’s link profile, that is just the same as telling Google that your website is suspicious and you deserve a drop in ranking. Linkbacks from spammy and suspicious sites are the ones that ruin your link profile.

These are just some of the signs that you have to be aware of if you do not want to lose all of your previous efforts in improving your website. These can also help you decide whether to stay with your current SEO company or choose another one. Be attentive and make the right choice.

General SEO Solutions Work Well Enough Sometimes

When it comes to marketing online, you are going to run into two major schools of thought. There are those that think you need to reinvent the wheel each and every time you start to come up with a campaign, and then there are people that need you to work within a variety of solutions that are going to help you build on the existing solutions. If you have a lot of solutions online that are one sided, you are going to end up losing out through a variety of different issues. Finding resources that are going to help you gain leverage is key, and that’s not going to work unless you work within the parameters of what is known as SEO. Defining this is tough at times, but if you focus on the outcome, you will end up with a positive solution that is well worth chasing in a lot of different ways.

Online marketing

The focus of optimization should not be an afterthought, but rather it should be something that is easy to move forward within. That is where you will find the full term search engine optimization. The main thing that you need to understand here is that you will be able to gain market share if you just understand how this works out for the benefit of your overall needs. You need to understand that you cannot get anywhere within this marketplace if you don’t understand the simple core definitions and solutions that come with it.

Defining SEO In A Simple Manner

First and foremost, you will find that SEO is not something that you can pass up. No matter what industry you’re in, you need to have this in place if you’re going to build on the right marketing collateral. You will need to work within the world of optimization so that you are able to build you up your content to an all new level overall. If you don’t pursue this in the right manners, you will end up losing out and that’s not a good thing. You need to work within a variety of different elements in order to push up on the right options.

The definition of the acronym is search engine optimization, and it stands for a variety of different elements that help your site register with search engines to the point where you are getting an influx of traffic. Without the elements in place from this world, you are not going to get any attention and that’s perhaps the biggest issue that most people are dealing with right now. In order to gain a foothold in the right arenas, you will need to understand how this can work to give you a benefit moving forward.

Traffic generation

When you break down the elements, you will find that there are branches and roots within the world of link exchanges, traffic generation, social media elements, and much more. All of these things end up helping you gain a foothold in the right arenas overall.

The Simple Side of SEO

There is a complicated side of this too, but if you aren’t keen on working on the complicated side, you could easily implement some simple solutions to help you with the forward progress. The simple side of things often get overlooked because you will find that they are not going to give you immediate pushes forward. If you want to build on the relationship that you have within several categories, you will want to go with a simple option moving forward. The simple option will help you gain leverage slowly, and that’s the best thing.

If you try to expedite the issue and implement too many parameters of SEO, you could end up with a marketing push that doesn’t help you get traffic in the appropriate manners. This is not a good thing that you will want to chase, and something that will definitely cause you to end up with an isolated solution. Focusing on something that is going to help you get moving forward is definitely worth chasing, but only when you’re looking at it from the simple side. If you work on simple things like content development, link earning, and social media, you’ll get a good push forward, but if you focus on this from the wrong side, you could end up isolating yourself in the wrong arena.

The Professional Edge

If all of this is confusing or you’re not sure how to work with the core examples of optimization, then it’s time to look into getting a professional edge. You will find that there are a lot of companies today that can help you build on the right relationship with search engines to build traffic that will not subside easily. The goal here is to get a professional push forward within the world of marketing and you can do that with a good SEO professional taking on the role of content manager, link generator, and more. It’s something that has been proven time and time again effective. Take a shot at this and see how many people you can get to your site with the help of a professional grade solution overall. It’s best to have someone on your side than to work on all of this alone, that’s for sure.