Top Signs Your SEO Company Is Hurting You Instead of Helping

You need proper search engine optimization so that you can improve the visibility of your business website. While hiring the services of an SEO company generally helps increase page rank, there are times when this firm hurts you instead.

Here are top signs that the company you have hired is just hurting you instead of helping.

First, the SEO agency has nothing to show you. This does not just refer to the rise in page ranking. What this refers to is the actual practices related to search engine optimization that this agency is doing. Examples of what these companies should show include SEO audit, content optimization, and link profile analysis.

If the said agency does not ask anything of you, then that is a sure sign that they cannot do anything to help you. The company cannot do anything good without your cooperation, after all. Site owners will be generally asked to provide admin access to CMS and Google Analytics, access to social accounts and Google Webmaster Tools, and so on.

SEOIt is also a negative sign if the said SEO agency does not have any suggestions for improvement to give you. You can assume that the said agency is up to something potential harmfully (or nothing at all) when there are no suggestions from them regarding how to improve your site. Only disreputable agencies do not ask for your cooperation.

If an SEO firm is unable to share their techniques, then you should stay away from them. You can say that companies saying their efforts must remain confidential or their practices must not be disclosed are potential fronts for fraud. If you ask a reliable agency, you should be able to receive a detailed answer of what they do for you.

It is your right to be suspicious if you receive a manual penalty too. This is actually one of the worst things you can experience when running a website. You will know if there is a manual penalty for your website if you receive an email message or GWT notification about it. While it may not be the firm’s fault that you’ve received the penalty, there is a big chance that it is. So, you better stay on your toes.

Every site owner knows that the capabilities of the hired SEO firm are not the only reason for having the site’s rankings drop. There are several reasons for that. However, you can assume that your hired company is the one at fault if you can see your rankings drop steadily after hiring them for the job.

You must be aware of your traffic as well. Just like drops in rankings, if there is a sudden drop in traffic, then you have to be wary of your hired search optimization firm. It may not be entirely their fault so it would be good to ask them questions. Find out whether they could give you insights that point to the actual issue.

Another sign that your chosen optimization firm is just hurting you is when you start ranking for the working keywords. As a site owner, you already have your keywords. If the organic keywords you have change significantly, you might be gaining organic traffic using the wrong keywords.

Pay attention to your link profile. This is because you have to keep it free of any suspicious linkbacks. If there are suspicious linkbacks on the site’s link profile, that is just the same as telling Google that your website is suspicious and you deserve a drop in ranking. Linkbacks from spammy and suspicious sites are the ones that ruin your link profile.

These are just some of the signs that you have to be aware of if you do not want to lose all of your previous efforts in improving your website. These can also help you decide whether to stay with your current SEO company or choose another one. Be attentive and make the right choice.