Make the Most of Your Social Media Link Building Strategy with these Tips

Social media plays several roles in online marketing, and its connection to SEO made it more significant. Such huge importance only makes it a must for businessmen to allocate time and effort in this field of online marketing. The problem is, not many have an idea how. So, here’s a hint for you: create engaging and helpful content, and place them in front of the right people.

Doing this guarantees getting new backlinks. But, your task does not end there. You need to make yourself an authority first before you can get the results you are after. In link building, that’s the first thing you need achieve if you want to take advantage of your social profiles. Yes, social media is already powerful enough. But if your social profile is not considered an authority, getting backlinks to your site would be a hard task.

So, How can You Make Your Social Profiles an Authority?

Social ProfilesThe simplest thing you can do is to improve your social profiles. Don’t just include your company information. Instead, apply the same practices you use when creating high-quality content and integrate relevant keywords throughout naturally. Don’t forget to include a link on all posts you make and share to increase engagement and brand awareness. Follow these tips as well for greater benefits:

•Facebook – Make full use of the space on Facebook by completing fields for short description, general information, company overview and the rest. While doing so, ensure to stay on point and use relevant and valuable keywords.

•Twitter – Put links on your profile’s Web and Bio field to get more links to your sites.

•LinkedIn – Choose the three top links you want to put on your LinkedIn profile and customize your anchor text well to entice visitors to click on them.

•Google Plus – It is a must to creating a profile in this platform since is now a big player in SEO. Also, don’t forget to enable the Author Rank feature.

The Key is to Create and Share Engaging Content

Your content will serve as an important key for your link building efforts. It promotes engagement while also further boosting your SEO efforts. But these two are only met if you create useful content that engages your audience. So, before starting with the creation process, think about the topic that your audience would most appreciate at the moment.

Once you’re satisfied with your content, begin sharing it on social media platforms. Post your content on your own network as well and share them via newsletters, newsletters, and relevant forums, for greater results.

Engage in Guest Blogging

If you want to boost your link building efforts, you need to consider walking on all avenues. Perhaps, you have accomplished sharing your content on your own network and on social media platforms. Now, you should allocate your time and effort on guest blogging to earn more links and traffic.

Guest BloggingOverall, your authority and the usefulness of your content is what matters most here. These two are also the ones you need to take care of to make the most from your social media link building strategy. However, other than establishing your social profiles’ authority, it is also vital to keep your content consistent. You need to post similar content throughout all available social media platforms.

Of course, to boost your authority on social media platforms, you need to participate regularly in them as well. Your participation in relevant social media activities is essential for two reasons: to build relationships and your brand’s authenticity. So, start commenting on posts and replying on those you have shared! Here’s one last tip – be sure to keep your social profiles updated all the time.